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Parent and Child Consultation 

At Catalina Behavioral Consulting, we understand that not all families can commit to intensive in-home hours. That's why we offer parent and child consultation services tailored to fit your schedule and needs. Our parent consultation program is designed for families facing specific behavioral challenges.

With our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) guiding the process, we work closely with you to identify the underlying reasons or functions behind the behaviors. Through collaborative discussions and assessments, we develop targeted interventions that can be seamlessly integrated into your home environment.

Our parent consultation model places a strong emphasis on your involvement and empowerment. We recognize that you are the expert on your child, and we provide the tools and support needed for you to become the primary administrator of the intervention. We will guide you, the parent, in the intervention process, ensuring that you understand the underlying reasons for the behavior and gain the skills necessary to address it effectively. By fostering a partnership between our experts and your family, we strive to create lasting positive changes that benefit both you and your child.

Let’s Work Together

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